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AM-1000 Leggera

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Project Description

Unmatched quality… in the lightest weight possible

Leggera is a new genre of professional accordion, optimizing sound and feel without abandoning the use of premium quality materials. A concept designed to manage the overall weight of the instrument without sacrificing brilliance. The combination of meticulous design and precise execution results in an instrument compact and light, easy to play and powerful in resonance. The AM-1000 Leggera offers artists a full-size 4/5 reed Double Tone Chamber (Cassotto) – genuine petosa handmade reeds – finest quality petosa reed leathers and much more… weighing less than any instrument of its class at 23 lbs.

  • 41 treble keys – 120 standard bass
  • 19 1/4″ keyboard (49cm)
  • Available in MF size 18.5″ keyboard (47cm – 22lbs)
  • 11+Master treble – 7 bass registers
  • 4/5 sets genuine petosa HM reeds
  • Double (LM) Tone Chamber (Cassotto)
  • Tuning: Available in LMMH and LMMM configuration
  • 23 lbs (10.4kg)
  • 10-year warranty and lifetime maintenance included
  • Includes hard case and all accessories


LMMH Concert

LMMM Musette