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Project Description

An exquisite all natural wood instrument of quality and resonance.  The Compatto Pro model offers compact portability with a beautiful genuine wood finish.   Offered in Burled Mahogany, Rosewood, Burly Wood or a elegant Maple.  Unique characteristics and aesthetics in a lightweight and compact design.  

  • 34 treble keys – 96 basses
  • 15-1/4″ keyboard (39cm)  
  • Keyboard range:  G to E
  • 9 treble registers – 5 bass registers
  • 4/4 sets TaM or HM reeds
  • Tuning: Available in LMMH Classic and LMMM Musette
  • Weight:  20 lbs  (9 kg)
  • 10 year warranty –  lifetime maintenance included
  • Includes straps, back pad and hard case or gig-bag

Starting at $7000.00 


LMMM Musette


LMMH Classic


Tuesday - Thursday 10pm - 6pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 3pm

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