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Project Description

Lightweight, powerful, and versatile – the Artista‘s style speaks for itself.  A Master palm register and a fifth set of bass reeds make this Artista even more appealing.  Perfect for traditional styles of Zydeco, Cajun, Blues, Bluegrass and Folk alternative music with a unique LMMM Musette tuning.   Also offered in LMMH Classic tuning for Standard, Balkan and Eastern European style music.
Special Features:
Mahogany and Spruce construction Specially formulated Luthier varnish interior Professional petosa keyboard Lucite key tops Special felt keyboard & bass valves A balance of quality and efficiency in a unique design
  • 37 treble keys  – 96 basses
  • Keyboard range F-F
  • 17 3/4″ keyboard (45 cm)
  • 4/5 sets petosa TaM reeds
  • 11+Master treble – 5 bass registers
  • Tuning: Available in LMMM Musette and LMMH Classic
  • Available in painted Greyburst or Sunsetburst finish
  • Standard keyboard or Black Pearl keys w/ painted sharps
  • 21.5 lbs (9.75kg)
  • 10-year warranty – lifetime maintenance included
  • Includes hard case and all accessories



LMMM Musette



LMMH Classic



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