AM-1100 Musette

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Project Description

The ultimate musette accordion…

The AM-1100 Musette has all the identical quality and features of the AM-1100 Concert and Jazz; the exception being triple middles reeds tuned specifically to achieve what petosa refers to as “Continental Musette”.  The specific Musette tuning offers a variety of Musette tunings within the instrument. Register configurations include:  Italian, French, German, Polka, Cajun, Zydeco and Blues.  With a unique custom chrome grille and optional rhinestone engraving; the 1100 Musette offers a one-of-a-kind style with quality that is second to none.

  • 41 treble keys – 120 basses
  • 19 1/2″ keyboard
  • 4/5 sets petosa genuine HM reeds
  • 11+Master treble – 10 bass registers
  • Double Tone Chamber (LM), handmade from one piece of solid aged mahogany for superior tone qualities
  • petosa Rhinestone Engraving (optional)
  • Custom Chrome Eagle Grille (optional engraving)
  • petosa 100% handmade Walnut keyboard – Lucite key tops
  • Stereo Sennheiser amplification
  • 10-year warranty and lifetime maintenance included
  • Includes hard case and all accessories


Tuesday - Thursday 10pm - 6pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 3pm

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