AM-1100c Chromatic

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Project Description

The AM-1100 has achieved what many thought no longer physically possible; what petosa considers to be the art of perfection. The AM-1100 belongs to a class of its own, setting the standard by which all other accordions are compared. Uniquely and individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials through four generations of craftsmen, no accordion is as powerful in sound nor will endure the test of time like an AM-1100.

  • 46 treble notes – 120 basses
  • 5 Row Chromatic keyboard C or B Griff
  • 4/5 sets petosa genuine HM reeds
  • 11+Master treble – 10 bass registers
  • Tuning:  Available in LMMH Concert, LLMM Jazz and LMMM Musette configuration
  • Double Tone Chamber, handmade from one piece of solid aged mahogany for superior tone.
  • Custom built-in Mahogany wood mute – Open/Close registers
  • Stereo Sennheiser amplification
  • 10-year warranty and lifetime maintenance included
  • Includes hard case and all accessories




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Friday - Saturday 10am - 3pm

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