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Giulietti Jazz “Felice” Model (19.75″)

Giulietti Jazz “Felice” Model (19.75″)


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A beautifully-constructed two reed, tone chambered Jazz Model.  Ideal instrument for someone looking for a light weight design with large and warm sound. Condition is great with minimal cosmetic imperfections.  

19-3/4″ keyboard

41 treble keys – 120 bass buttons  

5 treble*  – 5 bass registers 

*2 registers are grille mute

2/4 sets HM Binci double rivet reeds

Tone Chamber

Tuning: LM Concert

Amplification included

25 pounds

Includes hard case and straps

3 year warranty

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In stock

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Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 15 x 26 in