Student Accordion Rental

//Student Accordion Rental

Student Accordion Rental


Enjoy up to 3 months free when you purchase an accordion at the end of your rental period. Accordion rentals are offered on a month-to-month basis and in most types and sizes.  As a beginner accordionist, it is crucial to have a proper fitting instrument.  Our specialists will custom fit you by size and preference and can provide basic tips before getting started and/or meeting with a teacher. You will get to choose from different sound styles, musical capability and aesthetic varieties. Up to 3 months of rental payment are credited towards a New or Certified Used accordion purchase within one year of agreement (excludes Accordion Garage items).

Purchase 1 or more months here and come visit us for a custom fitting and introduction. Please present student ID at time of visit. Rentals are limited to Washington state residents. 

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Tuesday - Thursday 10pm - 6pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 3pm

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