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I have been convinced of the Petosa accordion ever since having tried one when I was in your shop in 1960. The Petosa is the most reliable instrument I have ever played on. This covers a span of 75 years in my professional career. Need I say more?
Anthony Galla-Rini, California
Thank you for building the best accordion I have every played!
Dick Contino, Nevada
My petosa compares with the very best accordions I have played over my 60 years as an accordionist. The left hand is hands down the best I’ve heard.
Frank Marocco, California
Thanks for the message and yes that is me in the movie “Deja Vu” starring Denzel Washington. I just want to say when you told me how good my accordion would sound to me in 2 years man you were not lying. I love this thing. I can’t even stand to hear other accordions after playing on this AM-1100.
Bruce 'Sunpie' Barnes, New Orleans
The bass side (of the Petosa Bayan Cathedral) is fantastic, both in the free-bass and Stradella-bass. This is the system of the future for professional artists.
Jorgen Sundeqvist, Sweden
Since two months ago, after picking up my Petosa Cathedral Bayan II Piano Accordion, I have been very satisfied with it and I agree with Swedish Accordionist, Mr. John Lindstrom’s opinion about the Petosa Accordion: “Petosa is the finest accordion ever made”.
Zhang Guoping, Beijing, China
The accordion arrived yesterday and I was delighted to get it. The sound is incredible and the workmanship is outstanding. I have already received many compliments on the beauty of the instrument.
Allan Solheim - Karsten Mfg. Corp, PING Golf - Arizona
For the past 50 years I have been playing the Petosa AM1100 and have performed in every major city in the United States and half way around the world. I have never broken a reed and the keyboard (Petosa makes the best) has withstood the fancy glissandos, heavy pounding with my ending chords and needless to say my trade mark bellow shake whenever I perform. At present I still have this remarkable instrument and still perform in my inimitable, razzle-dazzle way. How sweet it is.
Tony Lovello, Kentucky
My new AM-1100 accordion has to be the “Ferrari” of the accordion world with its wonderful fast-action keyboard and response. It’s smooth and effortless beyond belief, making it a joy to perform with …and the sound…what can one say? I’m thrilled to own the worlds finest accordion.
Gene Doran, USA
Perhaps you will recall many years ago, Joe, when we first met. At that time I’d decided to acquire the very best instrument, which could be built. This quest led me to the Petosa Accordion Co., for which I shall forever be grateful.
Tom Collins, Montana
I know you know how much I appreciate my Petosa AM-1100 accordion but I would like to write this letter to thank you not only for my wonderful accordion but also for the outstanding care you have given me as your customer during my professional accordion career.
Bonnie Birch, Washington
The quality of your instruments is superb. They smack of ultra class in refinement of tone and over all craftsmanship. One has to play one to appreciate fully all that your accordions have to offer. Playing one makes the salmon in me go up stream. Can’t be talked about, it must be experienced.
Joe Morelli, Author of Target Focus - Canada
The accordion has high class as I expected, it is just perfect, a masterpiece. It is a pleasure to own a Petosa Accordion. My Petosa Accordion is beautiful and the finest accordion ever made. I am very happy.
John Lindstrom, Sweden
I consider myself among the blessed accordionists being able to feel the friendly atmosphere in your store and to experience the magic and the power of the ultimate Petosa AM1100 accordion. Thank you for keeping the best from the accordion manufacturing! I’ve been playing many new accordions over the years just to conclude that the “Golden Age” is inevitably in the past. Well, I was wrong.
Guenadiy Lazarov, New York
Over the years I have owned and played many fine accordions. My Petosa accordions play better and sounds better than every accordion I ever owned. Some of these accordions were, Hohner Gola, Scandalli Super 6, Giuliette Super, Beltuna Prestige, Borsini Super Star.
Jim Palmisano, Ohio
Anyone who is responsible for building an accordion of this quality deserves admiration and respect as a true craftsman. You are obviously a man who truly understands the wants and needs of a professional accordionist.
Dick Zavodny, Colorado


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