• Certified Used Accordions

    Certified Used Accordions (65)

    Certified Used Accordions are held to the highest standards at petosa.com - reconditioned and warrantied by our team of craftsmen spanning four generations of expertise. Included is free shipping, 7-day in-home trial, full warranty and a 100% trade-up guarantee.

  • Accordion Garage

    Accordion Garage (32)

    Looking for great deals on accordions and accessories? The ACCORDION GARAGE offers clearance items as well as non-certified accordions. These instruments compete with craigslist and Ebay prices without the worry of the unknown. If you are looking for a reconditioned, certified and warrantied instrument, check out our Certified Used Accordions. As with everything at petosa.com, enjoy 7-day returns and free shipping even in the GARAGE! (Continental U.S. only)

  • Rentals

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    Want to try an accordion without the commitment of purchasing? Accordion rentals can be a great way to get you started.

  • Straps

    Straps (18)

  • Accordion Cases

    Accordion Cases (8)

  • Maintenance Products

    Maintenance Products (6)

    Keep your accordion in the best possible condition with these accordion-safe formulas and care clothes
  • Accordion Display Stand

    Accordion Display Stand (1)

    Safely display your accordion for convenience and storage
  • The MurlStrap

    The MurlStrap (5)

  • Amplification

    Amplification (8)

    There are many great ways to mic your accordion. Every player has unique needs regarding accordion amplification, so don't hesitate to call us and discuss your specific needs. We can help find the right application for your usage with our 60 years of experience making and installing pickups.
  • Practice & Performance Chairs

    Practice & Performance Chairs (3)

    Say goodbye to your piano bench or kitchen chair. Proper technique starts with a proper chair - Roc n' Soc accordion practice and performance chairs are made of the highest quality materials right here in the United States.
  • Beginner Accordion Package

    Beginner Accordion Package (3)

  • Accordion Music

    Accordion Music (59)

    What types of music have your attention? Eastern European, Jazz, Classical or something else? Have a look. We have almost everything you want. All available accordion music can be found below.