MurlStrap Medium

//MurlStrap Medium

MurlStrap Medium

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Handmade in the USA of 100% acrylic nylon with adjustable velcro.

Distributes weight of the accordion from shoulders the same way a hiking backpack uses hip straps.

Wear it high, mid or lower back.  The thick wide padding makes this the most comfortable back strap on the market. Easy to put on and take off.

The MurlStrap loops around each side of your shoulder straps and attaches to itself via heavy-duty velcro.  Sizing varies depending on how it is worn.  Measure from each edge of your shoulder straps where you would like to where it.  The higher it is worn, the smaller the size.  The lower it is worn, the larger the size.

Sizing using edge to edge strap measurement:

Junior (3″ wide) : 12″-15″

Small: 14″ to 18″

Medium 16″ to 20″

Large 18 1/2″ to 25″

X-Large 24 1/2″ to 33 1/2″

Color: Black

*Blue, Red, Pink, and Neon green colors available upon request.  Please contact Petosa directly for custom color options.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 1 x 6 in


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